28 September 2015

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Tempus Fugit my friends...

The one thing I have noticed more than any other indicator of my advancing years (go ahead, jibe all you want, it's not like they're receding...) is how quickly time slips away.  With the approach of Niftober breathing down my neck like an overzealous, micromanaging boss I am utterly mind-blown by how quickly three-quarters of the year have zipped on by - - and by how much I have going on in front of me!

Over the past few years a lot of the time was easier to see - primarily in my travel pics. But this year, we didn't do all that much road-tripping.  We took a few jaunts, to be sure: Philadelphia and Atlantic City in the spring, a fun-filled week in a cabin on the Atlantic in August, and more recently a Wisconsin Dells visit to an old friend and a weekend spree in Chattanooga and Cincinnati.  And yes, there's at least a little more to come in just about a month... but this is not the crazy, whirl-wind, eats your year away kind of travel.  Still - my year has been gnawed from behind me, and I see so very little of it left that I find myself scratching my head and wondering.

My laundry list of things to be done this week, this month, before the end of the year does not seem inclined to wish to be contained in the time I have left for it (the proverbial 10 pounds scenario) and I'm struggling to find the motivation to meet the inspiration.

For now, I'm going to watch the leaves turn and try to muster some gumption.

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