28 September 2015

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

Tempus Fugit my friends...

The one thing I have noticed more than any other indicator of my advancing years (go ahead, jibe all you want, it's not like they're receding...) is how quickly time slips away.  With the approach of Niftober breathing down my neck like an overzealous, micromanaging boss I am utterly mind-blown by how quickly three-quarters of the year have zipped on by - - and by how much I have going on in front of me!

Over the past few years a lot of the time was easier to see - primarily in my travel pics. But this year, we didn't do all that much road-tripping.  We took a few jaunts, to be sure: Philadelphia and Atlantic City in the spring, a fun-filled week in a cabin on the Atlantic in August, and more recently a Wisconsin Dells visit to an old friend and a weekend spree in Chattanooga and Cincinnati.  And yes, there's at least a little more to come in just about a month... but this is not the crazy, whirl-wind, eats your year away kind of travel.  Still - my year has been gnawed from behind me, and I see so very little of it left that I find myself scratching my head and wondering.

My laundry list of things to be done this week, this month, before the end of the year does not seem inclined to wish to be contained in the time I have left for it (the proverbial 10 pounds scenario) and I'm struggling to find the motivation to meet the inspiration.

For now, I'm going to watch the leaves turn and try to muster some gumption.

13 August 2012

One Legged Rooster

And so the summer sprints
winged feet...

Holy cats has it been a busy summer - and more and more and more to come.

I've not been "jumping out of perfectly good airplanes" - though I have seen a few of them, nor have I been throwing myself off cliffs into ocean waves - though I would love to, nor have I been hopping on luge run bicycles - seriously ... I can't imagine ever wanting to do that.

Over the past month or so ("so" being a lovely nebulous term, which in this case means "longer than I care to admit, but not quite so long as my last hiatus") I have (in reverse order, because honestly it's the easiest for me):
  • set up camp in a deluge, walked along the rainy shore of Lake Huron (rock hunting) and witnessed one of the most interesting Perseid showers ever
  • revisited the Felt Mansion (Saugatuck) which no longer touts itself as a "notorious haunt" [according to the docent there, they are opting to "get away from that image, in favor of more elegant affairs" (yeah, I was kinda pissed about that)].  While I was bummed to hear that they're dissing their haunted past, it's nice to see the amazing changes they've effected on the house and the grounds, and I am happy for them that they've secured the lease to renovate the carriage house as well.
  • attended my first, but certainly not my last air show.  I got to climb up on (and was offered "into") an AMAZING replica of a WWII Nazi tank.  The young boys who invited me up were amazing and utterly charming! Watching the Mustangs fly in formation was thrilling.  And seeing "my" ultra-shiny F-86 fighter jet in action was breathtaking.
  • Visited Lake Michigan to bounce the waves and deepen my tan!
  • blew a giant glass bubble, and made a really cool torch-work bead.  It was a Groupon deal - and I'm so glad, not only that I bought it, but that I was offered (and accepted) a way to actually attend it.  It was a great feeling to once again be making something with my hands... and to have that something to offer as a gift to my Foo.  I must never allow myself to forget the thrill of creating things with my own hands.
  • rearranged my bedroom in a new and interesting way that I really like.
  • set aside a bazillion things for donation.
  • attended a number of small "family and friend" birthday and graduation parties for folks I really love.
  • traveled to Maine with a friend to help a friend move around a couple of now-beautiful gardens.
  • and have seen a number of really good movies at the Drive-In.  This is a treat for both my entertainment-minded self, and for my personal nostalgia-fix, as some of my best childhood summer memories are centered on Saturday nights at the drive-in.
I'm sure I've forgotten to add a few wonderful events to this list... but only to the list.  The memories of this summer are already amazing and wonderful, and I'm looking so very forward to the ones left to be made!

18 May 2012

if you love me

please don't go doing something stupid and getting yourself hurt on a bad work day (or at the end of a bad work week).

it - 
well -
it just won't go well for you.

an example - not from real life:
Say you happen to see this really cool looking water-slide thingy with a bike perched at the top.
it's steep
it's yellow

and you think to yourself, "this steep yellow waterslidey things look like a great way to use a bicycle to break myself into pieces."

That's fine

Seriously.  Even on a bad work day, I can support that.


IF you should happen to DO it... mount the bike, attempt the slide, and fall off or over or some other such and break yourself to pieces...

When the hospital, or the police, or your loved ones who COULD be convinced to come to the hospital and feel bad for you and shit happen to call me and tell me about it, it will go down like this:

Nif:     Hello?

Gullible/Unfortunate sucker who's looking after you:    Is this Jennifer?  Jennifer Smith?

N:     Who's asking?

GUSWLAY:      Um, this is some poor unfortunate gullible sucker who's stuck looking after this moron you know who threw him/herself off a bicycle on a bright yellow waterslidey looking thing because they thought it would be fun. 

N:      yes, I'm Jennifer, Jennifer Smith.

GUSWLAY:      Um, your moron friend has been hurt pretty badly and is in the hospital.

N:      Oh, wow, can you do me a favor?  Can you tell the moron to go fuck him/her self?

And sure, I might even feel bad about it afterward, 
but really?  
on a bad work day?
you should know better.

30 April 2012


I've been sleeping for crap lately.
It's not that I'm not getting enough of it - - my body has been mandating the "enough" (against my will, I might add) - - but that it sucks, quality wise.
I've fallen asleep (watching REALLY BAD movies) on the couch at stupid o'clock in the morning the past two nights... semi-sideways and cramped around and under the cats. I've been up - not feeling sleepy - for a bazillion hours, and just when my brain feels all mush (about 45 minutes after my body has decided to boycott me) I blink for too long, and the next thing I know I'm waking up wrapped under and around piles of fur and rumpled plush throws. Yes, throws, I have to use two to feel warm enough. I feel like a pretzel. Did yesterday too. That's just bull-shit and has to stop. 
This recent sleeping is nothing like what happens when I'm sprawled out under the cozy-hug weight of blanket, throw, and comforter in my super comfy (second most comfortable bed in Christendom) bed upstairs. Up there, in my choose-your-number heaven, I sleep the sleep of angels. And I sleep like the dead. And I don't wake up - regardless of how many alarms I have set.  Seriously I've set (and slept/snoozed through) up to 7 different alarms. 
Part of the dozing on the couch has been an experiment, wondering if I would actually sleep my "normal" 4.5 hours before waking up feeling a little less than refreshed, but bright enough to move on through the day. Yes.  Fine. I'll admit it - I was going to blame the coma-like repose of late on the insane comfort of my dreamy bed.  But that's not it. In both cases of sofa-snoozing, I was out a minimum of 6 hours. Completely able to rouse myself (with or without alarm) at the pre-arranged time for waking. I'm hopeless.

I think it's because recently I had a dream in which my subconscious led me to believe that I was using the toilet and I very nearly peed the bed. I am grateful to all the powers and dominions who watch over me that I had some "performance anxiety" in the dream, and actually realised, before I soiled my own dream bead, that I was dreaming.  The groggy sprint to the bathroom, dodging my own clutter along the way, had to be nothing short of boy-funny to the nth degree. Almost enough to make me wish I had closed-circuit monitoring, just so I could laugh at myself once I was awake long enough for my brain to function.

That's another thing about this recent bout of somnia - my brain is taking FOREVER to get up and running.  Normally, (if there is such a thing as "normally") I can usually hit the ground running in the morning. Not that I LIKE to function that way, but I can. I kinda have to. I'm a mom, and I work.  But lately, I've been slow to move, and when I finally do, I've been forgetting things. Not little things like "Do I have earrings in?" or "Do my socks match?" but things like brushing my hair. Or eating. So far, I've managed to leave the house pretty much fully dressed, but only just barely.

Anyway, yeah, because of that dream, I think I've been sleeping lighter.  I don't remember ANY of my dreams from the past few nights (not a common occurrence for me) and I know I've been waking up a few times through the night.  

Pleh.  It sucks.  

Tonight Foo is home with me again. Maybe that will make a difference. Maybe with a little off-spring magic in the house I'll be able to drift gently, sweetly, back into the swing of grabbing a few hours of rest and waking refreshed and bright-eyed with the rising sun.

Wish me luck...

20 April 2012


Will Smith had Happyness.
I can have busyness.

I've been looking over my summer schedule. Phew.
Lots going on, and lots I still want to figure out how to work in.
I think this is the first time in a number of years that my summer has been as busy as my autumn tends to be. I'm not complaining.
If I had my way, I'd fill up very nearly every single weekend (and half the weeks) with fun activities and interesting locations. Life is for living.

You know who I admire? I admire the blogging folks who have real structure in their posts. Like with an idea, a beginning, a middle, something interesting, and a proper ending. Those people. They're the ones I admire.

Know who else?
The people who can choose EE-ther or EYE-ther when they say "either" and stick with it. I have no consistency in the pronunciation - - even with my"in my head" voice.
So yeah, I admire them too.
(Neither, by the way, is always Neye-ther - unless I'm saying "Me neither" in which case it's always Nee-ther, because I like the internal rhyme. But I'm pretty much clear on that one.)

So busy. Yeah.
And a little scatter- brained.
And - clearly - (?) - Clam-happy about all of it.